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Sunday, August 30, 2015

"First Fag President" <first.fag.president@usa.com>: Aug 30 11:39PM +0200

The only good news out of the Jets locker room, if there is any
good news when a scrub throws a punch that breaks the jaw of the
starting quarterback, is this: At least the pro football players
are punching out each other now, and not their girlfriends.
But because this is the Jets, and because bad things seem to
happen to them no matter who is in charge, all the way back to
Joe Namath's knees, this did feel like an awful lot of history
behind the punch that IK Enemkpali threw at Geno Smith, the shot
heard 'round the world in pro football on Tuesday. The only
thing that would have made it better is if Rex Ryan were still
the coach, because then everybody would have covered this like a
prison break.
Here is how the new Jets head coach, Todd Bowles, described what
happened between Enemkpali and Smith:
"Something very childish that sixth-graders could have talked
about and it had no reason to happen."
It did happen, though, and it happened with a couple of Bowles'
players, neither one of them a pro football star and one of
them, the slugger Enemkpali, off the team and perhaps out of the
National Football League not long after he connected on Smith
with what Bowles described as a "sucker punch." Never has the
expression seemed more appropriate.
You figured right away that the beef was about a woman or money.
It is reportedly about money. Enemkpali organized a charity
event in Texas. He invited Smith, who didn't attend. So it could
turn out that Enemkpali, who played only 40 snaps for the Jets
last season, threw his career away over $600 for plane tickets
and limo fees that Smith wouldn't pay back. And who knows what
happens to Smith if his replacement, Ryan Fitzpatrick, does
enough to prop up a fine, talented Jets defense in Smith's
absence. Maybe Smith is out of a job, too.
So this turns out to be a season dominated by slow thinkers for
the Jets before the first preseason game is even played. Sheldon
Richardson, who was supposed to be a part of that fine defense,
gets himself suspended for four games after being found in
violation of the league's drug policy, reportedly for smoking
Then Richardson gets picked up in Missouri for driving a car 143
miles an hour, with an automatic weapon in that car and, oh by
the way, a 12-year-old child and the smell of more weed in the
Now this happens in the locker room. Enemkpali, out of Louisiana
Tech, where he once had pepper spray and a stun gun used on him
because of a bar fight with an off-duty cop, somehow manages to
hit his own quarterback harder than he hit anybody on the other
team for the Jets last season.
When news about all that made its way out of the locker room and
out into the world, before anybody even knew the details of why
it happened, this really did feel like a lot of punches Jets
fans have taken over recent years; felt like that famous Butt
Fumble from Mark Sanchez against the Patriots and Sanchez losing
a season because of a hit he took in the fourth quarter of a
preseason game playing behind second- and third-stringers; and
theTebow circus coming to town; and Brett Favre's sexting; and
all the various slapstick with Rex. Rex was the one who was
supposed to be coaching the "Sons of Anarchy."
"First Fag President" <first.fag.president@usa.com>: Aug 30 11:33PM +0200

Geno Smith might not be an innocent victim after all.
Although Todd Bowles made it clear that he doesn't think his
starting quarterback should have been punched by teammate IK
Enemkpali, eyewitness accounts disagree.
Smith "was up in (Enemkpali's) face and pointed/touched his
face," according to a source.
"Geno deserved it," another source said.
It's unknown how many people witnessed the altercation between
Smith and Enemkpali, which began with a dispute over $600, but
it's clear not everyone subscribes to Bowles' belief that the
punch that broke Smith's jaw was unwarranted. The quarterback is
expected to miss 6 to 10 weeks with the injury.
It's unclear how matters escalated, but Smith's finger-pointing
in his teammate's face was grounds for a punch, according to
"That'll get a man hit every time, especially one that hasn't
earned respect," a source said.
"First Fag President" <first.fag.president@usa.com>: Aug 30 11:12PM +0200

It's the victim's fault, apparently.
That's the analysis sports fans were treated to by ESPN's Cris
Carter, who blamed Jets quarterback Geno Smith for getting
himself punched in the face because he's not a good enough
Carter, the Hall of Fame wide receiver, did so despite saying he
didn't know the facts of the incident, and despite Jets head
coach Todd Bowles saying Smith was "cold cocked, sucker punched."
"Now I don't know what happened, but for me, it's a lack of
leadership on Geno Smith's part that he would put himself in
harm's way to get sucker punched," Carter said on SportsCenter
Tuesday after Bowles revealed Smith would miss six-to-10 weeks
with a broken jaw.
"Because man, you're like the president, CEO of the team. We
can't have you fighting."
"First Fag President" <first.fag.president@usa.com>: Aug 30 10:51PM +0200

Geno Smith didn't know it at the time, but his future with the
Jets hung in the balance on that Tuesday afternoon seven months
It was just before 4 o'clock on Jan. 13, a watershed moment for
a franchise looking for new leadership.
An exhaustive two-week head coaching search had reached a
sensitive stage. The organization's next decision would be its
most critical in years. The wrong choice might prove costly.
Todd Bowles was wrapping up his second interview at the Jets
facility. The Cardinals defensive coordinator was solid and
steady, but Woody Johnson was still intrigued by Seahawks
defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who had emerged as the most
coveted candidate in the league.
Johnson & Co. left their first interview with Quinn in Seattle
12 days earlier enamored with the synergy of the defending Super
Bowl champs' entire operation. The Jets wanted to replicate the
dynamic between the coaching staff and front office. The vibe
was just right.
Quinn was extremely impressive in the meeting.
The NFL's restrictive/ridiculous interview rules had prevented
Johnson and consultants Charley Casserly and Ron Wolf from
talking to Quinn again until the Seahawks were eliminated from
the playoffs or the bye week before the Super Bowl, whichever
came first.
Johnson was prepared to take his private jet back to the Pacific
Northwest on Saturday night, Jan. 10, if the Seahawks had lost
to the Panthers in the divisional playoffs to close the deal and
hire Quinn.
The Seahawks won, setting in motion a chain of events that
brought the Jets to this moment on Jan. 13.
The Jets had heard rumblings that they were Quinn's top choice.
After all, he was a Jersey guy. Coming home made perfect sense,
but Jets brass needed iron-clad assurance that Quinn wasn't
wavering in his belief in the Jets. Anything short of that was
playing with fire.
They wanted to be absolutely sure that Quinn wanted them as much
as they wanted him, but time was running short. Bowles was going
to board a plane the next morning for a second interview in
Could the Jets take the chance of letting such an impressive
candidate walk out the door?
What if Quinn, who had interviewed with five teams and been
mentioned for a late opening in Denver, didn't have the Jets
atop of his wish list?
The smokescreens and shell games during coaching-search
processes had turned plenty of teams into fools in the past.
What if the Jets didn't land Quinn or Bowles?
The organization needed to make a swift and smart move. Just
before 4 p.m., decision makers started to reach out to people
who might be able to provide clarity. The next two hours were
They needed to know: Was Quinn in or out?
The Jets weren't given any guarantees. Yes, Quinn liked the
Jets, but the Falcons and others were intriguing, too. That
wasn't good enough for the Jets, who agreed to a deal with
Bowles just after 7 o'clock. The Jets might have been smitten
with Quinn, but Bowles was hardly a consolation prize.
Atlanta's patience, meanwhile, paid off. Quinn, whose Falcons
will face the Jets on Friday , was hired the day after the Super
The Jets' decision to hire Bowles had a ripple effect that gave
Smith new life.
Quinn's plan had he been hired by the Jets included adding
offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, who resigned as the Browns'
play caller one week after Quinn met with Johnson. Shanahan's
vision didn't include Smith, according to people familiar with
the coordinator's thinking.
Sources told the Daily News that the former Washington play-
caller wanted to trade for former pupil Kirk Cousins, who showed
promise in two years under Shanahan. Cousins, stuck behind
Robert Griffin III on the depth chart, was Shanahan's primary
target to run his offense in New York.
The Jets' concurrent head coaching and general manager searches
made for an interesting dynamic. Quinn told friends that he
wanted to bring former Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik aboard in some
Although Casserly contacted Dominik, the Jets never formally
interviewed him for a front-office role. Shanahan believed that
Dominik, who worked for five years in Tampa with Washington
president Bruce Allen, could facilitate a deal for Cousins,
according to sources.
Shanahan had an affinity for the Washington signal-caller
despite his 2-7 record as a starter (with four 100-plus passer
rating games) in his three seasons.
Instead, Bowles' arrival gave Smith a chance at redemption
before his jaw was broken in a locker-room altercation last
week. Smith would have been marginalized from the get-go under
Quinn if/when the Jets traded for Cousins.
"He'd be a middle-of-the-road starter right now," one NFC scout
said of Cousins. "He has all the intangibles to ascend, but
needs to make better decisions with the ball."
Cousins might have been the answer for a franchise that has been
desperately searching for a quarterback for five decades. Or he
might have made no difference at all.
We'll never know.
"First Fag President" <first.fag.president@usa.com>: Aug 30 09:12PM +0200

PITTSFORD, N.Y. — Without mentioning Jets quarterback Geno Smith
— the player he sucker punched — by name, linebacker Ikemefuna
Enemkpali said he's sorry, and never meant to hurt anyone.
As for joining his new team, the Buffalo Bills, on Thursday,
Enemkpali said he's grateful for a second chance a day after
being claimed off waivers.
In making his first public comments two days after punching and
breaking Smith's jaw during an altercation in the Jets' locker
room, Enemkpali referred only to something that "happened,"
spoke for just 45 seconds and declined to take any questions.
"I want to apologize to the Jets organization, the fans, my
teammates and the coaches. I apologize for what happened,"
Enemkpali said, speaking at a podium placed beneath a goalpost
on one of the fields of the Bills' training camp facility in
suburban Rochester.
"It should've never happened. I should've walked away from the
situation," he said. "It was never my intention to hurt anybody."
The Jets released Enemkpali shortly after the altercation.
Smith, who had surgery on Thursday, is projected to miss between
six and 10 weeks.
Turning his attention to the Bills, Enemkpali thanked coach Rex
Ryan and the entire organization. "I look forward to being a
good teammate, an accountable player," he said. "And I'm just
happy to be here, and thankful."
He then said, "Thank you," before being escorted away by two
Bills officials.
The second-year player arrived at camp earlier in the day and
passed his physical. Though Enemkpali has not yet practiced with
the Bills, Ryan is still considering making him active for
Buffalo's preseason opener against Carolina on Friday night.
Ryan pushed for the team to place a claim on Enemkpali, and
received approval from general manager Doug Whaley and first-
year Bills owner Terry Pegula. As the Jets former coach, Ryan
became familiar with Enemkpali during the player's rookie season
last year.
"First Fag President" <first.fag.president@usa.com>: Aug 30 08:57PM +0200

In 12 seasons in the NFL including three with the Jets, Damien
Woody says he never saw anything like what transpired in Gang
Green's locker room on Tuesday. Arguments? Sure. Situations
where parties in conflict had to be told to cool it? Absolutely.
But violence in the locker room?
"Never. That's crazy," Woody said. "It makes you wonder about
how something like that could ever happen."
Woody would never absolve IK Enemkpali of responsibility for
what happened – he did throw the punch that broke Smith's jaw,
sidelining him for 6-10 weeks, over a matter of $600 – but he
wonders what in the Jets locker room culture would make a player
feel that was an option.
"I would hope that there wasn't anyone around when this was
happening because if there was, that speaks poorly on Geno in
the locker room," said Woody, who was at Citi Field Thursday
telling the story of his climb from a desolate childhood to
become an NFL player and now a broadcaster to area youngsters in
the Citi Kids program.
"Could you ever see something like that happening to Tom Brady
or Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck or Russell
Wilson?" Woody asked. "You would never see that happen. It makes
you wonder if there is a lack of respect for Geno to the point
that someone would break his jaw over $600."
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bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:11PM -0400

# Like American Pharoah, the Sox couldn't quite end the weekend
undefeated. Terrific, highly entertaining game at Citi, nonetheless.
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:12PM -0400

# As always, Christina and I were treated with impeccable hospitality
by the Citi Field staff, who always roll out the red carpets for us.
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:13PM -0400

# Big Papi, the modern day Babe Ruth, passed the old timer Lou Gehrig
on the home run list with a majestic blast to right. A true thrill.
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:14PM -0400

# PAPI WAS SLOPPY: I usually defend the big man's defense, but today
he looked like a DH in the field. Not his finest defensive effort.
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:15PM -0400

# BLOOPIE BETTS? Mookie hit a key triple that I couldn't see, except
for him flying into third like Usain Bolt. Man, can that kid fly.
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:16PM -0400

# Sadly, Mookie fanned to begin and to end the game. But we gave
Familia a big scare. Team played with effort and hustle all weekend.
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:17PM -0400

# MILEY SIGH-RUS: I don't know what's with Wade. RBI single to the
pitcher, then sails along, then implodes. Mister "one bad inning."
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:18PM -0400

# My binky Hembree let me down, too. He didn't do a good job in
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:20PM -0400

# Thought Lovullo should have (a) started Bradley, and (b) found a way
to keep him in after the slugger's clutch pinch-hit double.
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:21PM -0400

# Adding insult to injury, it was a rare poor game by de Aza. Still
have no clue why Panda is hitting 2nd, BTW. Or Holt 5th. Sigh.
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:22PM -0400

# I thank God for the Blue Jays, and curse Him for scheduling the
Yankees in Atlanta, a team--unlike Boston--that has quit.
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:23PM -0400

# Christina and I do share Joe Girardi's shock and horror and prayers
after the fan who cursed A-Rod fell to his death in last night's game.
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:24PM -0400

# Hat tip to Vin Scully, the voice of baseball, who will return for
one final season behind the Dodger mic next season.
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:25PM -0400

# Speaking of the Jays, nice hire in Mark Shapiro, who becomes team
president (since when was this such a big deal?). Alex A. remains GM.
bismotwitter <bismo@ix.netcom.com>: Aug 30 09:25PM -0400

# Shapiro knows his sh-t. Built some winners in Cleveland.
nate <greystone@net1plus.com>: Aug 30 11:50AM -0700

David needs 6 for his 500, but next year he could pass Ted Williams' 521.
Damn - Wadely immediately returns the favor. And some.
Note: Papi has 58 homers from his days with Minnesota, which means at 436 for Boston, he'd need 85 more to tie Williams hitting them for Boston.
- nate
Sue Robbins <email@domain.com>: Aug 30 04:54PM -0600

On 2015-08-30 18:50:11 +0000, nate said:
> 436 for Boston, he'd need 85 more to tie Williams hitting them for
> Boston.
> - nate
I would love to see him hit 500 this year. Next year is far away....
dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Aug 30 04:03PM -0700

I'm certain barring a injury he'll get it this year..
I expect 2-3 against the Yankees...
"mr. gone" <mr_gone78NOSPAM@hotmail.com>: Aug 30 07:13PM -0400

In article <ms01f7$5cu$1@dont-email.me>, email@domain.com says...
> > Boston.
> > - nate
> I would love to see him hit 500 this year. Next year is far away....
this year seems pretty darn long too...
"Turner was like a pencil. He bent around that pitch!" - Jerry Coleman
Sue Robbins <email@domain.com>: Aug 30 06:14PM -0600

On 2015-08-30 23:13:50 +0000, mr. gone said:
>>> - nate
>> I would love to see him hit 500 this year. Next year is far away....
> this year seems pretty darn long too...
LOL. Well at least we can have some kind of chase at the end of the season.
nate <greystone@net1plus.com>: Aug 30 12:08PM -0700

do they keep him in the game and put the pitcher in De Aza's spot?
- nate
dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Aug 30 11:34AM -0700

Longtime season ticket holder..
dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Aug 30 11:16AM -0700

Next they get weak ass Indians. .
nate <greystone@net1plus.com>: Aug 30 11:14AM -0700

David drops the pick-off throw. E-3. First error of the year.
- nate
dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Aug 30 11:13AM -0700

Cupcakes. .Braves..Tigers.
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Giovanna <giovanapel@bol.com.br>: Aug 30 06:13PM -0700

> That Rafa Nadal has played all 4 slams of the year.
> *******************************************
> ...and he's not going to win any of them.
ever again ;-)
Gracchus <gracchado@gmail.com>: Aug 30 06:19PM -0700

On Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 6:13:02 PM UTC-7, Giovanna wrote:
> > *******************************************
> > ...and he's not going to win any of them.
> ever again ;-)
And the ones that he already has will be taken back someday.
TT <ascii@dprk.kp>: Aug 31 12:26AM +0300

Giovanna <giovanapel@bol.com.br>: Aug 30 06:04PM -0700

Court_1 <olympia0000@yahoo.com>: Aug 30 06:15PM -0700

The new BOLD Hilfiger fragrance commercial featuring Nadal:
Giovanna <giovanapel@bol.com.br>: Aug 30 06:11PM -0700

> Like the Kartrashians, she only got the attention because she
> fucks niggers.
Kim is very pretty~~
Giovanna <giovanapel@bol.com.br>: Aug 30 06:08PM -0700

Rafa being an arrogant piece of $h*t as usual~~
stephenJ <sjaros3@cox.net>: Aug 30 04:41PM -0500

On 8/28/2015 4:08 PM, soccerfan777 wrote:
>> fed win USO.
>> bob
> He also said Serena is already the greatest.
She is. Mac recognizes that Graf's slam total is inflated due to Seles
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Giovanna <giovanapel@bol.com.br>: Aug 30 05:57PM -0700

> nadal greatest of all time
hahahahahahahahaha sure he is~~
Ted Schuerzinger <fedya@hughes.spam>: Aug 30 03:15PM -0400

On Fri, 28 Aug 2015 08:41:06 +1000, DavidW wrote:
> Same rules, predict the winner/finalist for both men and women.
Men: Djokovic d. Wawrinka
Women: S. Williams d. Azarenka
Ted S.
fedya at hughes dot net
Now blogging at http://justacineast.blogspot.com
Scott <scottl44@yahoo.com>: Aug 30 12:54PM -0700

Fed def Djoker
Bencic def Kvitova
reilloc <reilloc@gmail.com>: Aug 30 04:32PM -0500

Sock d. Nishikori
S. Williams D. Halep
stephenJ <sjaros3@cox.net>: Aug 30 04:40PM -0500

Murray > Joker
Azarenka > Serena
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Maria Miller <nospammariami@xxxremovegazeta.pl>: Aug 30 11:42PM +0200

1. Djokovic
2. Murray
1. Kvitova
2. Sharapova
"Michał Jankowski" <michalj@fuw.edu.pl>: Aug 30 11:52PM +0200

Federer def. Djokovic
S. Williams def. Kvitova
TT <ascii@dprk.kp>: Aug 31 01:11AM +0300

28.8.2015, 1:41, DavidW kirjoitti:
> Good luck.
Djoko d. Murray
Halep d. Serena
Maria Miller <nospammariami@xxxremovegazeta.pl>: Aug 31 12:26AM +0200

W dniu 30.08.2015 23:42, Maria Miller pisze:
> 2. Murray
> 1. Kvitova
> 2. Sharapova
Correction after withdrawal of Sharapova:
1. Kvitova
2. S. Williams
"Scall5" <nospam@home.net>: Aug 30 05:27PM -0500

"Scall5" <nospam@home.net> wrote in message
> Thanks David!
> --
> Scall5
Since Sharapova pulled out, I'll take Azarenka over Madison Keys.
Thanks David!
DavidW <no@email.provided>: Aug 31 10:47AM +1000

On 29-Aug-15 8:32 PM, DavidW wrote:
> Cilic d. Wawrinka
> Shrap d. Muguruza
Revising to:
Keys d. Muguruza
Giovanna <giovanapel@bol.com.br>: Aug 30 05:56PM -0700

> Welcome back to the contest. One of only three contestants with two
> perfect scores.
I miss those glorious happy days =)
stephenJ <sjaros3@cox.net>: Aug 30 04:35PM -0500

Leg injury :(
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TT <ascii@dprk.kp>: Aug 31 12:37AM +0300

31.8.2015, 0:35, stephenJ kirjoitti:
> Leg injury :(
Shit. Links?
stephenJ <sjaros3@cox.net>: Aug 30 04:38PM -0500

On 8/30/2015 4:37 PM, TT wrote:
> 31.8.2015, 0:35, stephenJ kirjoitti:
>> Leg injury :(
> Shit. Links?
Nope, just saw it on ESPN
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Gracchus <gracchado@gmail.com>: Aug 30 03:04PM -0700

On Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 2:35:06 PM UTC-7, StephenJ wrote:
> Leg injury :(
Sharapova gone, Halep ready to roll over...Is Serena's goose cooked?
Shakes <kvcshake@gmail.com>: Aug 30 04:16PM -0700

On Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 3:04:56 PM UTC-7, Gracchus wrote:
> On Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 2:35:06 PM UTC-7, StephenJ wrote:
> > Leg injury :(
> Sharapova gone, Halep ready to roll over...Is Serena's goose cooked?
Raja's premonition ? :)
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